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About Us

PETERSON LANE offers bespoke, discrete, expert training in effective communication.


We start by listening. By understanding your specific needs and objectives, we create discrete training experiences, unique to your organisation's products and personnel. Through a combination of theory and practice, we offer full-day communication training sessions with a group of delegates, one-to-one coaching (favoured by CEOs and MDs) and half-day or multi-day sessions tailored to any specific requirements you have. 


Our small team of highly experienced trainers employs a range of voice, movement, and content delivery techniques to ensure that your delegates are present, embodied, authentic, and connected to the content you, and they, need to communicate. Be it a small, informal meeting, a large, formal presentation, or a teleconferencing event, we ensure that your team has the skills to succeed and impress. 


Our many years of delivering elite, professional performance training has allowed us to develop a unique approach to communications coaching. Peterson Lane identifies and explores the specific passions, experiences, and knowledge that led you to recruit your individual staff members, helping them draw on these abilities to convey to customers and colleagues the importance and relevance of your products and services.


"This is the best presenting / communication training I have conducted in 20 years of working in large corporations. Invaluable to any leader who wants to excel."
"Professional, personal and imaginative in their training approach."
"Their novel style of training quickly uncovered areas for development, and their exceptionally personalised approach ensured we each, individually, benefitted from the session."
"You teach people how to connect. How to be authentic, without being exposed. You also do it with respect and humour.”

* Our international client list includes professional entertainers, military personnel and mobile technology and cloud computing providers. We always maintain discretion and thus our testimonials are shared anonymously.

Our Services

Considering the bespoke nature of our services, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

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